Thursday, November 16, 2017

Eliott turns two!

This precious boy turns two today. I looked at his sweet face as I sang him a bedtime song the other night and it brought me right back to the years we spent praying for him. We didn't know that it would be him at the time, but we prayed that God would send Logan a sibling. The Lord has blessed us times a million.

Some things we are loving about Eliott at two years old:
He is talking a lot these days. He is saying a lot of 3-4 word phrases. He is great about knowing when it is appropriate to say "please" and "thank you", but will also say things like "go away" and "not like it" when he is annoyed with something.

He is definitely the clown of the family. He does goofy things just to make you laugh, and is very proud of himself when he accomplishes that. He will even look at you after doing something goofy (or sometimes something he knows is bad) and ask.... "funnnnnyyyyy??"

He loves his brother and they have the sweetest relationship ever. He looks up to, and attempts to copy just about everything Logan does. They do get in arguments/ fights from time to time. Right now, if they are in an argument it is usually because Eli has gotten into something that Logan has created and doesn't want ruined.

When I scoop him up to hug him, or run my hands through his hair, or rub his back he says, "love you mom" completely voluntarily and it always makes him seem older than he is.

He loves music, and will learn anything through song/ memorization, but still has no desire to sit and learn things like his letters or numbers in any traditional way. He is a more on the go type of boy, and would rather be running or climbing than sitting for more than a minute or two at a time.

We have been so blessed to love and guide him as he grows, and can't wait to watch him step into the role of big brother this year!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Third Trimester

I am officially in the third trimester of this pregnancy, and haven't updated the blog much on this little one. Thankfully, this pregnancy has been relatively uneventful. This baby has checked out healthy so far, for which I am extremely grateful. I finally found a doctor's office that I feel comfortable with (I dreaded seeing the doctors for both of my previous pregnancies). I just passed my glucose testing last week. As someone with pcos, it is always a little nerve racking because it increases your chances of also having gestational diabetes.

This pregnancy has gone about as smoothly as possible. I was tired in the first trimester (as always). I felt pretty good through most of the second trimester. Over these past few weeks, I have started to really feel the effects of coming closer to the end. I usually end each day feeling very pregnant, and pretty sore from the busy day behind me. I still feel pretty good in the mornings though, and am able to get done the bulk of homeschooling and housework before I am really crashing.

I thought I would bring back the old pregnancy check ins that I did on the blog when I was pregnant with Eliott in order to have a little more recorded about this pregnancy.

How far along? 28 Weeks
Baby's size: About 15in and 2.5lbs
Maternity Clothes: Definitely wearing maternity pants. Shirts I tend to just buy long and loose fitting for this pregnancy, but I have been wearing some maternity specific shirts too.
Sleep: Waking up 1-2 times a night, but usually can get right back to sleep. Some nights I end up staying awake with a mile long to-do list running through my brain for the holidays/ baby arriving.
Best moment this week: Passing my glucose test, and getting an overnight date with Dan. The boys stayed with Grammy and Grumps for the night, and it was so nice!
Movement: I usually feel small movements at some point throughout the day, but this one has made me a little nervous with how little I feel him move. Thankfully, Logan hardly ever moved so I know it can be normal. I also have a heartbeat Doppler which helps with reassuring me that everything is fine. Eliott moved a heck of a lot more and had stronger kicks at this point though.
Food Cravings: I have not had much of an appetite this past week (baby already seems to be crowding everything), but usually craving oranges or grapes, and sometimes chocolate.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Only really nauseous when I have too much to eat at one time, or am in the car for too long.
Gender: Another boy!
Labor Signs: None. I have found though, that Braxton Hicks are much more painful with each pregnancy. They also seem to start earlier in each pregnancy, and be more frequent.
Symptoms: Mostly just a sore back and feet at night, and I am more emotional than my pregnancy with Logan, but less emotional than I was with Eliott.
Wedding Rings on or off? Still on, but I do take them off at night and sometimes forget to put them back on.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Tired and happy most of the time. :)
Looking forward to: Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions with family. And meeting this little guy of course!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fryeburg Fair 2017

Last week we spent another awesome day at the Fryeburg Fair in Maine. The weather was perfect, and we had a great time with the boys. We have loved going each year, and have made quite the tradition out of it!

Here are some posts from previous years at the fair:

Thursday, September 21, 2017

A little update on life

I can't believe it has been nearly a month since my last post! We came back from our end of the summer vacation with family, started homeschooling the next week, and have been planning a little here and there for adding another little guy to our mix. Life is busy, but so good!

I am hoping that now that we have our homeschooling schedule ironed out (at least until the baby gets here and changes everything up again) I will get back to blogging more regularly. There have been so many things that I have wished that I had the time to write about the past few months. I have noticed that Eliott has stretched out a lot the past few weeks, and is trading in some of his baby look, for a little boy look instead. He is talking a lot more these days, and has even taken an interest in the big boy potty lately. Some days I see his little (almost) two year old attitude coming out. Other times he is the sweetest little guy ever, and a complete riot. The days are long, but the years are short.

Logan has been having a lot of fun with school this year. To be honest, we both have. It definitely does take up a lot more time (almost like adding a part time job). But I have added so much more fun into our school plans this year, and I can already tell it is making a huge difference in his desire to learn. He is so smart, and soaks in most everything we read. I have been loving the flexibility that homeschooling offers. Even if it is not something that we choose to do long term, it is perfect for this stage of life.

I had another ultrasound today, and will be 22 weeks along on Monday. Most of the time the pregnancy feels like it is flying to me, and then when I have a bad day with headaches and a sore back, it feels like I have been pregnant forever. It is all a matter of perspective I guess. I am so thankful that everything is going well and he appears to be healthy. It is amazing how big a mother's love can be for a baby that she hasn't even met yet. I am so excited to meet this little guy, and imagine that excitement will only grow the more uncomfortable I get. ;)

Dan and I celebrate our seven year anniversary on Monday too. The other night we brought tea and popcorn up to our bed to have a movie night after the kids were in bed. It got me thinking about when I was nineteen and a coworker asked me if I thought I was throwing away all of my fun years by getting married so young. I am so lucky to have had seven years worth of sleepovers with my best friend. Marriage is full of so much, the good and the bad. These years have grown us in so many ways, but I am forever grateful for Dan and the way he loves and leads me.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

It's A ....

We found out last week that we will be adding another boy to our crazy little bunch. My sister in law made us the cutest gender reveal cake that we cut into at a family dinner with Dan's side of the family. Logan started out the pregnancy hoping for a girl, and for the past month or two has really wanted a boy instead. He knew that we didn't get to choose if the baby is a boy or girl, but was super thrilled to find out he is getting another brother! We were going to be happy either way, and suspected it was a boy from the beginning by how similar my pregnancy has been to my first two. We can't wait to meet this sweet little guy!

Monday, August 28, 2017

End of Summer Wrap Up...

I fought with myself over that title because I am not sure I am ready to commit to saying goodbye to summer quite yet. We still have a little end of the summer vacation planned with Dan's side of the family before we come back to start school. I am hoping to fit a couple more beach trips, ice cream stops, and some other fun in before I give up and declare summer to be over. Though, when the time comes I will be more than excited to welcome in the fall season!

One of the things that was on our little summer bucket list was a mini golf trip. Logan had been asking about going, and was so excited when we made a night of it. He did really well staying focused throughout the whole course. His brother on the other hand, nearly took a dive into a really gross pool of water, and was more focused on giving each one of the animals on the course hugs and kisses.

We also took a trip to York's Wild Animal Kingdom with my mom and my sister's kids. It is basically half zoo and half amusement park and is located right off of York Beach in Maine. The kids all had a blast feeding the animals, holding a snake, and riding the rides!

I am an ocean lover who happened to marry a lake lover. So when Dan messaged me from work one day a couple weeks ago, and said "lets pack an easy dinner and head to the beach tonight" I was totally on board. It was a little breezy by the time we got there, but that didn't stop Dan and the kids from heading right in for a swim. It was such a fun family night.... the kind of night you hope to remember for years.

Last week we decided to pack all of the cousins up and head into Boston for the day. We took the train to the Boston Aquarium. We got lucky to be on board a train that happened to have a dome car that sits up above the train with large windows. My sweet grandmother decided to brave the challenge that is six young kids in Boston for the day, and made the trip with us. We loved having her there, and I am willing to bet everyone slept really great that night!

Are you ready to say goodbye to summer yet? What was your favorite memory from the season?

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Our Camping Trip & 3 Helpful Hints For Camping With Littles

One of our goals for this summer was to bring the boys camping. So Friday afternoon we headed to a campground that is a little over an hour away. It is one that Dan's family had gone to for most of his childhood and we love the swimming/ beach area there. I wasn't sure how taking a 1.5 year old camping would go. I was expecting it to be fun, but not necessarily relaxing. But I was so pleasantly surprised at how relaxing the whole weekend was!

The boys were happy playing with sticks and rocks (no toys necessary). We did some swimming, and lots of campfires. The campground had a small playground area that the boys loved as well. My mom, sister, niece and nephew came up for the day to swim on Sunday which was also a ton of fun!

If I had to pick a favorite memory from the weekend it would be staying up and sitting around a campfire with Dan after we got the kids to bed. We had so much fun just talking, laughing, and planning for the future together. It felt like a little date both nights, and I loved having the alone time with him and no other distractions.

Roasting his own hot dog over the campfire

He was convinced he was helping daddy ;)

The mountains around the pond are beautiful!

His little froggy friend

We had a lot of fun cooking meals over the campfire

My nephew soaking up some sun

Doesn't she have the most beautiful smile?

This VERY excited expression brought to you because he saw someone driving a 4 wheeler. :)

I thought that since I wasn't sure what to expect with taking little ones camping in a tent (mostly Eliott because Logan has been before) I would add a few helpful hints for camping with toddlers to the post. Here are a few ideas that I found useful when camping with littles....

  1. Try to get a site that is relatively close to the restrooms. This is especially helpful with little ones that have already been potty trained, but my pregnant self appreciated not having to walk too far for the bathrooms as well. Logan was having so much fun that he would often wait until the last minute to run for the bathroom. He had quite the dance going a couple of times trying to make it in time, and thankfully they were right near our campsite.
  2. Set up a diaper changing station outside of the tent. I had mine on one end of our picnic table most of the time (see the 2nd picture from the top), but the back of the van would have worked well too. I loved not having to take Eli inside the tent during the day to do diaper changes. The table was at a perfect level for changes, and I used a pack and play mattress for a changing pad that I could move as needed. I had pre-packed a dollar store organizer with diapers, swim diapers, and wipes so everything that I would need was easily accessible.
  3. Pack clothes in a large Rubbermaid container. I packed all of the clothes for Eliott, Logan, and I in one Rubbermaid, as well as some extra towels. It was easier to stack things on top of in the van than it would have been to have three separate bags. It would also be fine to leave outside of the tent as an extra kids table because it is sealed up and wouldn't matter if it had been rained on.